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Information about serials
There are different patterns of serials a collector would focus on. Here are some of the patterns that are widely recognized by collectors

1.Low serial : The low serial banknotes are the most commonly collected patterns in the hobby of banknote collecting. Serials on Banknotes differ from one country to another. The United States Of America has nine digits on their banknote where is a Qatar has only six. However any number below one hundred is termed to be a collectible.

2.Binary serial : A binary serial banknote contains only two unique digits. Binary serials are mainly categorized into two different divisions. The first is a true binary which only has the digits one and zero. The second division are the trinary serials which contain three different unique digits.

3.Solid serials : If all the digits on the serial number are the same it is termed to be a solid serial. This is very rare and highly collectible.

4.Near solid serials : A near solid serial occurs when almost all of the digits on the serial number are the same except one digit. Near solid serials are also termed as Binary Serials.

5.Radar Serial : A radar serial is when a  banknote can be read forward and backward from a serial.

6.Repeater Serial : A serial number in which the numbers are repeating there self in a sequence is repeated

7.Double serial : A double serial occurs when pairs of numbers occur within the serial.

8.Ladder serial : It represents digits in a numerical sequence either ascending or descending. A true ladder serial is when the sequence on the serial is complete.
I started this hobby when I was thirteen years old as a banknote and a stamp collector however i later found myself more focused on the banknotes section and especially the fancy serials on the banknotes.
By the help of my parents I had developed a very strong collection of different serials from all parts of the world. My collection consists of many different patterns of serials starting from royal numbers to ladder numbers and solid numbers. Although my main focus is on the Middle Eastern banknotes I also have a big collection of World banknotes including China, India and the United States Of America.

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